Legal Marijuana: Cannabis is therefore in effect a plant that, as scientific research suggests, if taken at reduced doses through herbal teas, decoctions or preparations intended for vaporization, determines beneficial effects against anxiety, depression and stress. 

This was demonstrated by scientists from the University of Washington through a study published in theJournal of Affective Disorders In 2018, who observed the reactions of about 1400 patients who used medical legal marijuana in the treatment of the three aforementioned disorders, who were asked to quantify the extent of the related symptoms on a scale from 1 to 10. 

legal marijuana

Through the use of a particular app called Stainprint and generally used to keep track of medical uses and the extent of symptoms in 280 different diseases, researchers have thus come to rather surprising results: following the intake of cannabis, patients perceived a reduction of 50% of the depression and 58% of anxiety and stress thanks to doses of CBD in concentrations greater than 9% and THC less than 5.5%, a fact that, according to the authors of the research, would support the thesis linked to the effectiveness of the ” microdosing ” of this substance. 

The effect of cannabis is different in the presence of stress, whose symptoms were contained by significantly increasing the dosage: in this case, legal marijuana with a CBD concentration higher than 11% and THC at 26% was necessary.

However, it is worth underlining that, unlike the use of cannabis, antidepressant and anxiolytic drugs , although having short-term beneficial effects , can lead to greater vulnerability to relapse after discontinuation of therapy, if it has been prolonged. long. 

Further investigations are therefore needed to understand whether cannabis can really reduce symptoms related to anxiety, insomnia and stress even in the long term or if in fact this substance serves only to buffer them only temporarily.

legal Marijuana: Therapeutic benefits of cannabis

There medical cannabis, as established by the Ministry of Health, is currently used successfully as an alternative therapy aimed at alleviating manifestations and effects related to specific pathologies, where conventional medical treatments do not produce the desired effects. 

Therapeutic marijuana is currently widely used in the treatment of spastic and painful manifestations caused by multiple sclerosis as well as by lesions affecting the spinal cord, where the same cannabinoids represent a valid help in relieving particularly intense painful states. 

The benefits found also in patients undergoing chemo and radiotherapy or HIV therapies are particularly known, since CBD associated withTHC, determines a strong anticinetosica and antiemetic action , thus reducing nausea and vomiting . 

Legal marijuana is also a valid help for people suffering from cancer, where it would also seem particularly effective cannabis oil, cachexia, anorexia or HIV. 

Marijuana to solve suffering from cancer

It also promotes appetite by promoting weight gain, which is necessary to keep the patient in good condition, compatible with the pathology he is suffering from. 

It then also allows to effectively reduce intraocular pressure in glaucoma by virtue of the hypotensive effect given by the substance, preserving the retina: this occurs thanks to the neuroprotective properties typically attributed to cannabidiol. 

Finally, therapeutic cannabis is also used in the treatment of Gilles de la Tourette syndrome where in this case it helps to reduce the presence of nervous tics and to optimally control involuntary facial and body movements.

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